RS PRO 160.0mm Flat File

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RS PRO Diamond File Kit 160mm

This 160mm diamond file kit from our trusted and highly reliable own brand RS PRO is an essential tool kit used for filing a variety of applications that require a precise and high-quality finish. The coated diamond grit of the files provides a clean and precise sharpening on the push and pull stroke, as well as sideways and with a twisting motion on a variety of extremely hard materials such as steel and carbide. The files also feature an ergonomic handle providing consistent control and comfort.

Features and benefits

• Six different diamond needle files to suit a variety of applications
• Ergonomic handle for control and comfort
• Perfect for use on harder materials such as carbide
• File in any stroke pattern
• Precise filing that provides finer detail

Common applications

Diamond needle files can be used to sharpen and file a number of materials in a wide range of applications such as:
• Jewellery
• Carbide cutting tools
• Shaping stones such as sapphire and ruby
• Removing burrs and repivoting clocks
• Bevelling glass
• Sharpening household tools

What is a diamond needle file?

A diamond needle file is a type of file that is capable of smoothing and sharpening hardened materials that ordinary files can't, such as carbide. A diamond file consists of diamond grit rather than small teeth, allowing for a range of filing techniques to be used. A diamond needle file also has a fine point to allow for work to be carried out in small spaces with precision.

How are diamond files created?

Diamond needle files are created using nickel to produce electroplated diamond on steel, providing a much finer file.

Why use a diamond file?

Unlike ordinary files, diamond files are capable of sharpening and smoothing hardened materials such as carbide steel. Due to the diamond grit composition, they can also be used in any filing direction, making them a very versatile tool. Diamond needle files are perfect for deburring intricate designs and spaces in jewellery such as ring shanks. They are also ideal for use on much more brittle materials such as glass and some plastics, that could potentially break if a conventional file as used.

How many files are in the RS PRO kit?

There is variety of 6 diamond files in the RS PRO 160mm diamond file kit that are suitable for a range of applications. The diamond needle files included are:
• Flat
• Half Round
• Knife
• Round
• Square
• Three Square Needle File

What materials can a diamond needle file be used with?

Diamond needle files can be used on a wide range of materials from hardened steel to glass, making them a highly versatile tool. Diamond files are commonly used on materials such as glass, hardened steel, carbide, jewellery stones and more.

Shape Flat
Length 160mm
Coarseness Diamond
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