Heel Grounded Antistatic Heel Grounder

  • RS庫存編號 174-5049
  • 製造零件編號 2051
  • 製造商 SCS
COO (Country of Origin): US

SCS Heel Grounder

The SCS heel grounder is designed to effectively ground mobile personnel when they are in contact with conductive and dissipative flooring. The conductive, no-slip outer sole provides a reliable static ground. The function of the shoe grounding assembly depends upon contact with the skin through perspiration in the shoe to sustain an electrical contact between the conductive ribbon and the body. The shoe grounder assembly 2051 comes with a 1 Mohm Resistor. Meets category ESD SP9.2 Type A.

Features and Benefits

• 24 Inch Conductive 8-Strand Nylon Polyester Grounding Tab: Additional conductive material provides reliable connection with operator's sweat-layer.
• Cup Style Heel Grounder with Two Soles: Used to ground standing or mobile operator to ESD Flooring
• One Mohm Current Limiting Resistor
• Tab to Cup Resistance: 1 x 106 to < 1 x 108ohms.

Type Heel Grounded
Attachment Type Elasticated Hook & Loop
Non Marking Yes
Reusable/Disposable Reusable
Elastic/Non Elastic Elastic
Complies with EN 61340-5-1 Yes
Quantity Included 1
Resistance <1.0 x 10^7Ω
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單價(不含稅) 個
TWD 592.00
TWD 622.00
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