Dormer HSS-TiN Twist Drill Bit, 3.4mm x 70 mm

  • RS庫存編號 794-7256
  • 製造零件編號 A0023.4
  • 製造商 Dormer
COO (Country of Origin): BR

HSS Jobber Drill (A002)

Titanium Nitride coated HSS, split point jobber drills for accurate and efficient cutting.

Features and Benefits:

118° split point design for better centering
TiN coating for low friction and increased cutting speeds
Suitable for both hand and machine use

Approvals and Certification:

• DIN338RN
• ISO235
• BS328

Typical Applications:

These bits are ideal for fast drilling of a plug, anchor or clearance holes in a number of materials such as steel, plastic, wood, metal etc. This makes it an essential piece of kit to have if you work within the carpentry/construction/engineering industries to save time and money on being able to perform more efficiently when working with stubborn materials.


Can these drill bits be used with any SDS drill?
No, they are standard drills, will not fit into SDS chuck

What does jobber mean?
The word jobber specifies the length of the drill bit. This generally means the length of the entire drill bit itself is significantly longer for diameter it has. As an example, a mechanic drill bit will have a much shorter flute and therefore have a much smaller overall length.

What is HSS?
An acronym for High-speed steel, HSS is generally the go-to type of steel needed for drill bits due to their excellent heat resistance at high speeds. As a standard drill can spin upwards of around 500 - 700rpm, the friction can cause a substantial build-up of heat. Something which would not be wanted when working with wood and plastic.

Diameter 3.4mm
Drill Bit Type Twist Drill Bit
Type Jobber
Material HSS-TiN
Overall Length 70 mm
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