TE Connectivity Mini CERTI-LOK Ratchet Crimping Tool for 4 Position Modular Plug


TE Connectivity Mini CERTI-LOK Hand Crimp Tools

Mini CERTI-LOK commercial grade hand operated crimp tools for crimping a wide range of terminals and contacts. These Mini CERTI-LOK commercial hand tools have a durable, lightweight and compact design, a straight action jaw closure and fixed dies. The Mini CERTI-LOK crimp tool features a ratchet control which stays locked until the handles of the tool are fully closed and the dies are bottomed. This ratchet mechanism ensures that the tool only opens once a complete crimp cycle is achieved preventing partial crimps. The ratchet mechanism can be adjusted to control the insulation crimping height of the hand tool. An easy access ratchet release is available for opening the tool jaws at any time during the crimp cycle. Stock number 446-816 features a terminal flap locator for easy terminal positioning. The handles have a pressure adjustment and locking device and an ergonomic non-slip design reducing operator fatigue and making the tool easy and comfortable to use.

Features and Benefits

Fixed dies
Straight action jaw closure
Ratchet control ensures that a full crimp cycle is achieved
Insulation crimp height adjustment
Easy to use ratchet release
Ergonomic handles for user comfort


These Mini CERTI-LOK commercial hand crimp tools are used to crimp a wide range of terminals and contacts. Applications include R & D prototyping, networking applications, field installation work and on-site repairs in industrial, commercial or institutional applications.

Series Mini CERTI-LOK
Crimp Tool Type Ratchet
Crimp Connector Type 4 Position Modular Plug
For Use With Circular Contacts 13-17 AWG
單價(不含稅) 個
TWD 6,833.00
TWD 7,175.00
Per unit
1 +