TE Connectivity Plasti-Grip Terminals and Splices Crimp terminal Kit


TE Connectivity Plasti-Grip Crimp Terminal Repair Kit

The Plasti-Grip Crimp Terminal Repair Kit from TE Connectivity contains 750 of the most popular terminals and splices from the Plast-Grip range.

The kit comes in a rugged plastic case which stores multiple different types of crimps and splices. The selection of terminals and splices provided is suitable for a wide range of repair tasks.
The Plasti-Grip Crimp Terminal Repair Kit is ideal for keeping in your workshop or transporting to jobs on-site.

The case is divided into sections and each terminal type has its own compartment. There is even spare compartments for your own terminals, and a special compartment for a SUPER CHAMP II crimp tool (120-5313) - please note this is not included.
The best part is, if you run out of an item, this reusable case can be restocked with all your favourite pieces.

What is included?

The kit contains a range of butt splices, receptacles, ring terminals and spade terminals. Information on the pieces and their part numbers can be found in the table below.

Plasti-Grip Service Kit

Crimp Kits - TE Connectivity

Connector Type Plasti-Grip Terminals and Splices
Kit Contents Butt Splice, Closed End Connector, Piggyback, Pin, Receptacle, Ring, Spade
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單價(不含稅) 個
TWD 11,614.00
TWD 12,195.00
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