Dormer HSS 56 mm 90° Countersink Drill Bit, 12.4mm Head Diameter, 3 Flutes

  • RS庫存編號 666-7429
  • 製造零件編號 G13612.4
  • 製造商 Dormer

Dormer G13612.4 HSS Countersink Bit

Introducing the G13612.4 from Dormer is a straight shank Countersink bit, an essential accessory for any tradesman. Used for various types of materials and when using screws, bolts or rivets they can provide a flush neat finish. Designed with three flutes per countersink and a cutter head of 90° to allow for a better chip clearance compared to four flutes to prevent any clogging from occurring. This countersink bit has a cutting width of 12.4 mm and constructed from High-Speed Steel (HSS) providing exceptional hardness to prevent any wear hardness.

Features and Benefits

Produces 90° countersunk holes

Smooth, straight shank allows for easy attachment

Designed for use on a variety of materials (Wood, Plastic and Metals)

Can be used as a deburring tool

Triple flute design for efficient cutting

HSS increases hardness

12.4 mm cutting width

Manufactured to DIN 335C

Typical Applications

This Countersink is typically used by professional tradesmen, engineers or those wishing to finish off their project. These are commonly used to cut a hole to allow the head of a screw, bolt or rivet to sit flush or below the surface of the surrounding material. Most common countersink bits are the fluted countersink cutter, the angle of the flutes can vary for particular jobs. They are commonly used for:

Mechanical and industrial production


Fastening wood to metal


Can you use this with a power drill?

Yes, this can be used with both a power drill and a battery drill. It doesn’t have the right connection for an SDS drill.

Head Diameter 12.4mm
Countersink Angle 90°
Number of Flutes 3
Material HSS
Overall Length 56 mm
Shank Diameter 8 mm
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