Paladin, 1300 Series Coaxial Cable Termination Kit


CoaxReady™ Deluxe Kit

From Paladin, the CoaxReady™ Deluxe tool kit designed for LAN/Ethernet, video and CATV installation. The CoaxReady™ tool kit is ideal for preparing, terminating and testing most coaxial cabling systems. The high-quality kit provides networking specialists with a range of professional tools ensuring seamless preparation and installation.

All supplied in a durable zipped case and carrying strap, the CoaxReady™ kit ensures you have all the right tools available and close at hand.

Features and Benefits

• Quality tools for professional results
• Ergonomically designed for optimal comfort
• Constructed from high-quality materials
• Suitable for LAN/Ethernet, video and CATV installations
• Supplied in a tough, zipped case with a convenient carrying strap

What’s included in the CoaxReady™ Deluxe tool kit?

KT8 Professional Round Cable Cutter

Robustly designed cable cutter suitable for solid, stranded and flexible cables up to 16mm² 6 AWG. Manufactured from high-quality materials ensuring long life.

Features and Benefits

• Ergonomically designed for optimal comfort
• Textured handles and safety hand stops to prevent any slips
• Outlined blades for two-conductor sizes
• Accurate cutting
• Blades can be sharpened with a suitably sized round file

Cable Strippers

1 x LC CST Standard Cable Stripper
2 and 3 level adjustable coaxial cable stripper suitable for use with RG58, RG58, RG62 AU, and RG6 cables.
1 x LC CST Mini Cable Stripper
2 and 3 level adjustable coaxial cable stripper for use with RG178, RG179, RG188, AT&T 735 (A), NT-735, Belden 1855A and 8218, RG180, RG187, RG188A and RG405 cables

Features and Benefits

• Removes outer jacket, shielding braid and inner dielectric in one single action
• Self-regulating tension
• Adjustable cutting depth on each blade for varying cable thicknesses
• Pre-set for the most common strip lengths

Crimp Tool Frame

1 X 1300 Series crimp tool frame
Crimp tool frame with a fully ratcheting action and built-in safety release. Featuring EZI-Change™ die screws enabling rapid die changes.

Features and Benefits

• Ergonomic handles for optimal comfort
• Constructed from high-quality tough materials
• Produces precise and accurate terminations

Die Sets

Robust, interchangeable dies manufactured from heat-treated carbon steel for a long life.

1 x 2045 RG-6, RG6 Quad Die, Crimp ALL/8000 & 1300 Series
1 x 2649 HDTV BNC TNC CATV F True 75-ohm RG59 RG56
1 x 2653 SMA/SMB Mini 59 BNC and TNC, Mini-UHF RG58 RG174

LAN and A/V Cable-Check™

A compact, handheld network and coaxial tester offering automatic scanning. The combination A/V checker allows you to quickly check cable installations as well as patch cords.

Features and Benefits

• Tests patch cords and networks identifying good connections, opens, shorts or cross-connections
• Connections: RJ45 UTP and STP F coaxial
• Identifies both data and telephone connections
• Battery operated
• CATV-F (male) to BNC (female) Adapter


Coaxial cable and network test kits are used in a wide range of industrial and domestic applications. They enable network engineers, installation specialists and technicians to perform essential tests on network and RF cables. Some of the most common are

• Data centres
• Network hubs and racks
• LAN (Local Area Network)
• CATV (Community Access Television)
• Ethernet installers

Kit Type Coaxial Cable Termination Kit
Series 1300 Series
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