Renesas E1 R0E000010KCE00, Emulator for RX600 Series


Renesas E1 Emulator

The Renesas E1 Emulator is an on-chip debugging emulator with built-in flash programmer. It is the perfect tool to help develop a system that is based around Renesas microcontrollers (MCUs). The E1 Emulator is designed for basic debugging of the main range of Renesas MCUs. On-board programming is also supported. A list of the compatible MCU series can be found below.
The E1 emulator sits between the PC (via USB cable) and the User’s system (via interface cable). There is also a range of products which allow you to extend the functionality of your E1 Emulator.

• Powerful debugger
• On-board programming supported
• Serial, JTAG and LPD connections supported
• Power supply: up to 200mA (3.3V or 5V)
• Performance measurement function
• Memory reference/change while running the program
• Real-time trace
• Hot plug-in function (Hot plug adapter is required)
• Dimensions: 109.4 x 53.2 x 18.6 mm

What’s included?
E1 Emulator unit
USB Cable
User's system I/F cable
Software (CD)

Which Renesas MCUs are compatible?
RX Series
RL78 Series
RH80 Series (not G4MH core)
V850 Series
78K Series
R8C Series

Accessory Type Emulator
For Use With RX600 Series
Interface I2C
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