Harting Green PVC Cat5 Cable SF/UTP, 100m Unterminated

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Cat5 Ethernet Cable

What is a Cat5 Cable?

Cat5 Ethernet cables are one of the most popular types of network cable for connecting computers, modems, routers and other wired internet capable devices.

Features and Benefits

• Designed for fast installation.
• Reliable in harsh environments.
• Consistent and reliable performance which offers maximum uptime.
• Durable and hard wearing due to the moulded kink protection.
• Cabling standard in acc. With ISO/IEC 11 801: Category 5
• Operating temperature range -40°C to +70°C
• Characteristic impedance 1-100 MHz
• Oil resistant

Typical Applications

• Cat5 cables feature stringent specifications for cross talk and system noise. These Cat5 cables are ideal for networking connections between devices.
• These types of cables are also a perfect solution for structured building cabling.
• Cat5 cables can be used to carry telephone and video signals, in some cases more than one signal at a time.
• Double shielded Cat5 cable for heavy duty application.

Care Instructions

When storing your patch leads, we advise that you lightly roll your cables into a loose coil, going with the natural curve of the wire. When not in use, we suggest that the cables be stored in a protective case where dust and impurities will not get lodges into the connector ends.

Harting 09456000102 Green Cat5 Ethernet Cable

This data cable is suitable for PROFINET cabling according to type B in industrial premises and areas. It is useable for flexible cords. The core is fitted with 4 wires twisted to quad that allows the transmission of Fast Ethernet 10/100Mbit/s.
It is designed for fast assembling with the easystripping
tool and can be assembled with all HARTING 4-pole RJ45 connectors.

Length 100m
Terminated/Unterminated Unterminated
Connector Type Unterminated/Unterminated
Shield Type SF/UTP
Sheath Colour Green
Outer Sheath Material PVC
Outer Diameter 6.5mm
Core Strands 7/22
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