RS PRO White Cable Tie Mount 10 mm x 15mm, 5mm Max. Cable Tie Width

  • RS庫存編號 666-717
  • 製造商 RS PRO
COO (Country of Origin): TW

Cable Tie Saddles

Saddle style screw-mounted cable tie bases, available in black and white for outdoor and indoor use respectively. The clamps are manufactured from nylon 6.6.

Features and Benefits:

• Saddle design offers excellent stability
• Simple cable mounting - screw mounting and not adhesive
• Available in black and white colours in a range of sizes
• Self-extinguishing UL 94 V-2

Typical Applications

Features and benefits
• Saddle design offers excellent stability
• Simple to mount by screw
• Available in black and natural colours in a range of sizes
• Self-extinguishing UL 94 V-2


What is the importance of cable management?
Using the right products to organise and protect cables can improve performance and extend life span, as well as reducing maintenance time and repair costs. A key benefit of bundling and organising cables correctly is the improvement to health and safety in work environments.

What is Nylon 6.6?
Nylon 66 is also known as Polyamide 66 or PA 66 and is a semi-crystalline engineering plastic. This plastic is both hard and rigid with good abrasive and wear resistance along with low frictional properties. It also has good thermal dimensional stability which is the degree to which a material maintains its original dimensions when subjected to changes in temperature and humidity. This nylon type is frequently used when high mechanical strength, rigidity, good stability under heat and/or chemical resistance are required.

Colour White
Cable Tie Width Acceptance 5mm
Length 15mm
Width 10 mm
Fixing Hole Diameter 3mm
Material Nylon 66
Series SM
Minimum Operating Temperature -45°C
Maximum Operating Temperature +85°C
Quantity 250
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單價(不含稅) 毎包:250 個
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