Cooper Bussmann, 63A, A3, T, British Standard Fuse, gG, gM, 660V ac


Cooper Bussman Bolted Tag Fuse - British Standard

Cooper Bussman's bolted tag fuse is essentially a fuse that is fitted with brackets, these brackets allow the fuse to be bolted onto a fuse holder. Predominantly this type of fuse is used within installations as a "weak link". They are designed to break when a fault occurs, such as an overcurrent or short circuit - they are a safety and damage protection measure. Cooper Bussman's fuses are commonly found within a multitude of industrial applications, electrical equipment and wiring systems.

Features & Benefits

• The low-temperature rise enables the fuse to be suitable for high-density mounting applications
• Fuse links, specifically designed for the protection of applications
• Conforms to industry standards
• Low voltage fuse

TIS63 Bolted Tag Fuse

• Features a 63 A current rating
• The fuses basic function is to act as a fuse link
• Holds a 660 V ac voltage rating and 460 V DC
• The size of the fuse is 22 x 86 mm
• Breaking capacity of 80 kA

Current Rating 63 A
Fuse Size A3
Voltage Rating 660 V ac
Fuse Standard BS 88-2, IEC 269-2
Fixing Centres 73mm
Application Category GG, GM
Tag Width 8.7mm
Fuse Speed T
High Rupture Capacity Yes
Overall Length 85.5mm
Body Diameter 22.2mm
Body Height 56.4mm
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