RS PRO Digital Bench Power Supply 180W, 2 Output 0 → 30V 3A

  • RS庫存編號 123-3565
  • 製造商 RS PRO
COO (Country of Origin): CN

RS Pro IPS Series Multiple Output Linear DC Power Supplies

RS Pro IPS Series multiple output linear DC power supplies are entry-level general purpose power supplies recognised for their affordability. They offer 2, 3 or 4 channels (depending on choice of model), 180 W to 200 W output, overload and reverse polarity protection, and an output ON / OFF switch for safety. Tracking mode switches allow voltage/current to be output in parallel or series and an intelligent fan reduces noise.

Features and Benefits

2, 3 or 4 independent isolated outputs (depending on choice of model)
4 LED display sets (3-digit)
0.01% load and line regulation
Low ripple and noise
Tracking and auto Series/Parallel operation
Output ON / OFF switch
Output voltage and current setting when output disabled (IPS-3303 & IPS-4303)
Fan speed control circuit to minimise fan noise
Overload and reverse polarity protection
Power source AC 100 V / 120 V / 220 V ±10%, 230 V (+10% ∼ -6%), 50 / 60 Hz
Dimensions 255 x 145 x 265 mm
Weight approximately 7 kg

Areas of Application

General laboratory

Supplied with

User manual, power cord, test leads

The IPS-2303 model has two isolated output channels and a combined output of 180 W. The IPS series of bench power supplies from RS Pro are general purpose linear DC power supplies with flexible output voltage and current combinations. It offers protection from reverse polarity alongside overload protection. This bench power supply unit has an output ON/OFF switch that helps to protect users. It keeps the case and the load safe from unexpected conditions and ensures an excellent level of safety during operation. Tracking mode switches enable current and voltage to be output in either parallel or in series.

This bench power supply also features an automated cooling fan. Under low load or no load conditions, a fan control circuit reduces the noise from the unit ensuring quiet operation.


• 4 x 3 digit LED displays provide a clear and easy to read display. You can easily monitor two outputs of voltage or current at the same time using the display.
• This power supply offers stable and clean power, providing 0.01% load and line regulation with low ripple and noise.
• The ON/OFF output switch protects load devices from damage during setting adjustment. The power output can easily be switched off while settings are changed, and power switched back on once the settings have been updated.
• The intelligent integrated fan helps to regulate noise during operation, reducing acoustic noise to create a quieter environment.
• The application range can be extended without the need for any additional power supplies. Tracking and automatic series/parallel features extend the series to 60 V/3 A in series and to 30 V/ 6 A in parallel.
• Polarity protection protects against the damage caused by misconnection.


This benchtop power supply is incredibly accurate, flexible and safe. It provides clean, stable outputs with low ripple and noise. Utilising ring transformers and smaller surface mount components, this is a lightweight and more compact unit than many of its counterparts.


• 0 to 30 V output voltage rating
• 0 to 3 A output current rating
• 0 to 60 V tracking series voltage
• 0 to 6 A tracking parallel current
• ≦0.5% + 10mV of CH1 tracking error
• ≦0.01% + 5mV series regulation
• ≦300mV load regulation


This bench power supply is general-purpose, all in one solution, making it incredibly versatile and suitable for a range of applications and environments. It is lightweight and compact which allows you to take it on any job with you.

Suitable applications include:

• Education
• Laboratories (such as science student labs, R&D labs or engineering labs)
• Industry
• Electronic design
• Component testing
• System power modules
• Manufacturing


3 output (123-3566) and 4 output (123-3567) models are also available

Supplied with

User manual, power cord and test leads.

Output Voltage 0 → 30V
Output Current 3A
Number of Outputs 2
Type Digital
Power Rating 180W
Supply Voltage 100 → 230V ac
Number of Displays 4
Input Connector IEC 320
Output Connector Plug-In Terminal Block
Minimum Temperature 0°C
Maximum Temperature +40°C
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單價(不含稅) 個
TWD 11,900.00
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Per unit
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