Renesas Electronics ISL9241HRTZ-T7A Lithium-Ion, Battery Charge Controller IC 32-Pin, TQFN


Buck-boost NVDC or hybrid power (turbo boost) charger for 2-, 3-, or 4-cell Li-ion batteries using all NFETtransistors
Input voltage range: 3.9V to 23.4V (no dead zone)
System/battery output voltage: 3.9V to 18.304V
Bypass mode supported, to connect system to adapter
Autonomous charging option (automatic end of charging)
Adapter current and battery current monitor (AMON/BMON)
PROCHOT# open-drain output
System power monitor PSYS output
Internal 8-bit ADC for monitoring key parameters
USB-C PD Fast Role Swap support and PPS support
Independent compensation pins for forward and reverse operation (OTG) modes
Supports supplemental power (Intel VMIN active protection)
Battery Ship mode - IC ultra-low power state
4 x 4 32 Ld TQFN package

Battery Type Lithium-Ion
Mounting Type Surface Mount
Package Type TQFN
Pin Count 32
Typical Operating Supply Voltage 3.9 → 23.4 V
Dimensions 4 x 4 x 0.7mm
Length 4mm
Height 0.7mm
Maximum Operating Temperature +100 °C
Width 4mm
Maximum Output Voltage 18.304 V
Minimum Operating Temperature -10 °C
Minimum Output Current 4mA
Number of Cells 4
Minimum Output Voltage 3.9 V
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