DFRobot KIT0112, Gravity Series Temperature Sensor Starter Kit for LattePanda

  • RS庫存編號 126-3114
  • 製造零件編號 KIT0112
  • 製造商 DFRobot
COO (Country of Origin): CN

Gravity Starter Sensor Kit for LattePanda

The DFRobot Gravity Series is a range of plug and play modules and expansion boards to add specific elements to your project. This kit has been designed for the LattePanda with various sensors, buttons and LEDs which you can start experimenting with. This kit includes the most popular modules and are supplied with cables to attach directly to the LattePanda.

DFRobot Gravity Series Features

- Standard 3-Pin Interface
- 4-Colour Pin Headers – colour coded connectors simplify building and reduce wiring errors
- Newbie Friendly – incorrect connection protection - middle pin is VCC port.
- Wide Choice - over 60 modules currently available. From analogue/digital sensors to LEDs, buzzers, joysticks and sliders.

Gravity Series: LattePanda Starter Sensor Kit Contents

In this kit there are the following modules:

- PIR (Motion) Sensor
- Analogue Gas Sensor (MQ2)
- Analogue Flame Sensor
- Analogue Temperature Sensor
- Analogue Ambient Light Sensor
- Crash Sensor (Left)
- Crash Sensor (Right)
- Digital Push Button (White)
- Digital Push Button (Blue)
- Analogue Rotation Sensor
- Digital LED (Blue)
- Digital LED (Red)
- Digital LED (White)
- Relay Module V3.1
- 14 x Gravity Sensor Cables


Analogue Function Temperature Sensor
Kit Classification Starter Kit
For Use With LattePanda
Kit Name Gravity Series
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