Threading Taps

Threading taps are used to create threads for bolts in materials like metals and plastics. Most commonly used in engineering and manufacturing, threading taps work similar to a drill but due to the unique shape of a tap, when screwed into a piece of material screw threads are created. Threading taps must be used in a predrilled hole and cannot be used for drilling entire holes.

Types of Threading Taps

Most commonly classified by three types, taps can be used in different ways for different applications.
•Taper taps, sometimes called starter taps, are used to initially start a new thread with the first 7-10 threads having a flatter profile than those further up the shaft.

•Plug taps are similar to taper taps but unlike a taper tap, plug taps only have 3-5 starting rows ground down leaving more shaft to create a thread.

•Bottom taps are square in profile with no ground down threads and are used after a taper or plug tap has been used. Bottom taps full length cutting shape allow for threads to be cut at the very bottom of a hole for maximum thread length.

Taps come in a range of sizes in both Metric and Imperial dimension and can also have different shank types. Threading taps are used in conjunction with a tap wrench so always consider the maximum side tap your wrench can hold when purchasing.

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Description Price Thread Size Type Pitch Thread Standard Thread Direction Overall Length Material Shank Diameter Shank Type Ring Colour For Use With Class of Fit
RS庫存編號 269-5789
製造零件編號E100 12N8
M12 Straight Flute 1.75mm Metric Right Hand 75 mm HSS 9 mm Plain - - 6H
RS庫存編號 528-3878
M8 Spiral Flute 1.25mm Metric Right Hand 72 mm HSS-XS1 8 mm Plain - - 6H
RS庫存編號 269-5694
製造零件編號E100 10N8
M10 Straight Flute 1.5mm Metric Right Hand 70 mm HSS 7 mm Plain - - 6H