Router Bit Sets

The perfect addition to any router users tool kit, a router bit set offers a range of router bits suitable for a multitude of uses. The varying profiles and sizes ensures you arent caught short on the job especially for those unexpected cuts. Router bits most typically come in either or and must always be used with the correct router collet size. Each router bit profile can come in a range of sizes and many with or without a guide bearing.

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Description Price Number Of Pieces Set Contents
RS庫存編號 727-6327
整套:1 個
12 6 mm Straight Bit; 12 mm Straight Bit; 16 mm Straight Bit; 12.7 mm Dovetail Bit; 12.7 mm V Grooving Bit; 32 mm 45 Chamfer Bit; 12.7 mm Flush Trim Bit; 12.7x6.3 mm Core Box Bit; 25.4xR4 mm Roman Ogee Bit; 22xR6.3mm Cove Bit; 22xR6.3 mm Round Over Bit; 28xR9.5 mm Round Over Bit