Burr Sets

Burr sets contain 'deburring' tools (sometimes called rotary files), usually made out of metal. These are small cutting tools used to neaten and smooth the rough edges or ridges of an object (known as 'burrs') in a process called 'deburring'. They can also be used to remove sharp edges from drilled holes and pipework.

What are deburring tools used for?

It's important to deburr your work to remove any edges that may interfere with the fitting or movement of parts. Deburring also ensures that finished surfaces are smooth and even, and removing burrs can improve the look of your finished work.

Deburring tools in burr sets can be used to cut and shape most materials, including steel, aluminium and stone.

What do burr sets contain?

Choose from burr sets with different components such as blades and mini scraper blades depending on what shape of cut you need. Look out for hand-held 'deburring' tools with moulded foam grip handles or those that can be used in air power tools e.g. rotary tools and high speed engravers.

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RS庫存編號 877-1750
製造零件編號FT 3002
Cutting Kit - 3 Mini Countersink, Mini Scraper, Small Hole Deburring Tool -
RS庫存編號 162-5353
Diamond Burr Set 3 - Diamond Burr Diamond