RF Dummy Loads

Radio frequency dummy loads (RF dummy loads) are types of devices used to simulate the working conditions of a circuit so that it can be tested.

How do RF dummy loads work?

The purpose of RF dummy loads is to absorb RF energy and turn it into heat. An ideal load will provide a matched absorption of unlimited energy over an unlimited frequency range while maintaining a perfect match. The simplest test on a dummy load you can perform is to measure it with an ohmmeter

Uses of RF dummy loads

  • Radio:

    in radio this device is also known as a dummy antenna. It's used as an alternative to an antenna to aid in testing a radio transmitter.
  • Audio:

    when testing amplifiers it's common to replace a loudspeaker with a dummy load so that the amplifier's extreme power levels can be tested without producing loud noise.
  • Power supplies:

    dummy loads may be used for factory and in-service testing of standby generators where they're used to stabilise a power system in case of power loss.

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Description Price Continuous Power Temperature Coefficient VSWR Plug Type Maximum Frequency Model Number p Cooling Impedance Minimum Frequency
RS庫存編號 612-186
15W ±0.15%/°C 1.51:1 UHF 500MHz DL-30A Air 50Ω DC
RS庫存編號 612-192
15W ±0.15%/°C 1.1:1 N 500MHz DL-30N Air 50Ω DC
RS庫存編號 613-690
50W - 1.2:1 N 2GHz 6329823-1 Air 50Ω DC