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Cable Detectors & Fuse Finders

A cable detector also known as a cable tracer is a device that can locate cables and wires in walls and floors without damaging the walls or insulation. The tracer can also be used for finding short circuits in wires or detecting open circuits. Made up of a signal and a receiver where the signal transmits an electrical signal that can be transferred through a copper pipe or wire and picked up by the receiver.

Ideal for applications such as underfloor heating systems, locating buried utilities before you dig, locating telephone and communications lines. If you are preparing to install an electrical socket but want to know it's safe to do so, a cable detector can provide a way to test the area safely for any pipes or cables.

There are three technologies that use cable detector:

  • Tone tracing – Can only be done on live cable. You place an electric signal at one end of the cable using a tone generator and then use your cable tracer to trace the signal. They have traditionally been analogue, but more recently digital or asymmetric tone tracers have appeared on the market.
  • Continuity testing – Provides ideal way to locate and label your network cabling, up to 20 cables at a time.
  • Hub blinks – Only works if the cables you are looking for are connected to a live network. They blink as they find the hub blinks.

Why choose RS Components for Cable Avoidance Tools?

RS Components have a comprehensive range of Cable Tracers and Cable detectors to suit your needs and we have product experts available to advise you on which locator or detector you need from some leading brands in the industry, such as Fluke, Beha Amprobe, Made and Tempo. All products are available for next day delivery.