Push Button Covers

Push button covers are a convenient way to prevent accidental or unauthorised use of a wide variety of push button switches. They're made from durable transparent materials to allow them to be illuminated or clearly labelled. 

Types of push button covers

Many push button covers are designed with a plastic waterproof cap for outdoor use. Choosing the right push button cover depends on the design series of the button or switch that you have in place. Push button covers are designed in a range of formats to accommodate different shaped switches and alarms. These include round, square or terminal buttons. Breakable seals also exist for shielding emergency buttons. Most push button covers have a hinged lid that clips flips open to give access to the button then clips securely shut again. 

How can push button covers be applied?

Most push button covers are screwed flush to a wall or directly onto equipment. Self-adhesive fastening systems can be used for direct-to-wall application where screws are not appropriate.

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Rectangle Dust Cover YB Series
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Square Dust Cover LB Series, UB Series