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Modular Switches

Modular switches are specially made on/off switches designed for optimal safety and efficiency. Their purpose is to shut off a power supply quickly and easily. You can use them in domestic or work appliances or on transport, and for various functions such as signalling or as emergency stop switches.

Features and benefits of modular switches

  • Easy to install and adaptable – you can connect them to a wide range of appliances and gadgets.
  • Safe – wires are not exposed, guaranteeing protection from mishaps.
  • Sleek – they come in anti-weld designs, shuttered sockets and hidden screws.
  • Oil and watertight – this ensures lasting use and prevents electrical shocks.
  • Variety of colours and materials – for safety and efficiency e.g. red for off and green for on.

Types and uses of modular switches

Modular switches can be used as push-buttons or indicators. You can choose from types with high intensity visible LEDs so that they're easily seen, or designs with a snap action for fast and precise switching.