First Aid Supplies

What are they?
First aid is the initial assistance given to someone who has sustained an injury. First aid supplies are items that can help you to administer first aid to someone that has been hurt. First aid supplies can be purchased and kept as individual items. They can also be used to create a first aid kit or replace items within a first aid kit.
Example items include:
• Defibrillators
• Defibrillator batteries
• Alcohol gels
• Alcohol wipes
• Bandages and plasters
• First aid kit refills
• Posters
• Burns kits
• Cabinets
• Accident books
• Chairs
• Stretchers
• Splints
What are medical supplies used for?
Anyone can use first aid supplies to administer first aid. First aid supplies can be found in hospitals and medical centres, homes, workspaces and public spaces.

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