Drawer Handles & Cabinet Handles

Drawer handle and cabinet handles are pieces of door hardware that are attached to the outside of drawers and cabinets to allow them to be easily opened and closed, making it simpler to access the contents inside.

Types of drawer cabinet handle

The two main ways that drawer cabinet handles differ is in the material that they are made from. This can be metal or plastic, depending on the environment in which the handle is going to be used. The handles also come in a range of different shapes and sizes, which will affect how they are to be installed.

Installation of drawer cabinet handles

Drawer cabinet handles are usually screwed into place on the outside of the drawer. Some designs of drawer cabinet handle mean that you need to attach them from the inside of the drawer, screwing directly into the handle for a concealed fixing. Other types allow you to screw them in from the outside, so the fixing is exposed. The screws will usually come with the handle.


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