Cash Boxes

What are Cash Boxes?

Cash boxes, or petty cash boxes as they're sometimes known, are simple portable boxes with a locking, typically hinged lid. The locking mechanism is usually a cylinder lock provided with two keys or can be a standard 4 digit combination lock. Both methods are great for ensuring the safekeeping of your money as well as for reliability when moving the box to ensure it doesn't open accidentally. Inside the box are compartments for both coin and note storage to clearly and easily sort and retrieve the money. Cash boxes often feature a removable tray to allow for two tiers or storage, often coins on top with lower storage space for paper money and any accessories such as pens or price lists. A carrying handle on the lid allows the box to be easily moved around.

Where can I use a Cash Box?

Suitable for use anytime there is loose money in either coin or note form.

  • Events
  • Car Boot Sale
  • Shops
  • Petty cash storage
  • Personal Savings

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