Safety Harnesses

A safety harness is very similar to a fall arrest system, they are pieces of equipment that have been specially designed to protect a person from injury and accidents. A safety harness functionality is to absorb the kinetic energy created when a fall occurs, this is done through properly fitting the harness on a person and attaching the harness to a sturdy, strong place such as a solid railing or built in hook.

The majority of the harnesses in our range are lightweight, simple to use and feature adjustable straps which allow the user to properly and safely fit the harness. Our range also features options that include a belt, reflective and Hi-Vis as well as extra safety features such as adjustable shoulder, chest and leg straps.

How does a Safety Harness work?

Fall arrest systems are connected to a fall arrest lanyard which is a couple of meters long. When a fall happens, the lanyard absorbs the energy created by the fall. The harness acts as fall protection whilst allowing full movement capabilities. Working from a height can be dangerous and accounts for one of the biggest causes of personal injury, so safety equipment that can be relied upon is imperative.

Fall arrest vests are the similar to a fall arrest harnesses except with a jacket and are highly visible. They can contain pockets to store tools and equipment. The other advantage of a vest is the protection it provides from chemicals, dirt and UV light. A Jacket harness is often used by people who need to carry out their normal work duties but may occasionally work at height throughout the day.

When must a Safety Harness be used?

Safety harnesses, fall arrest systems and full body harnesses are widely used in the building industry, this is because they provide safety and freedom of movement for workers. They are considered a valuable piece of protective equipment, but in some areas of work it is mandatory to wear a body harness, fall arrest equipment or safety harness. Places such as construction workers who are walking or working on an unprotected edge that is six feet or more above a lower level.

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Description Price Harness Attachment Point Harness Size Adjustable Shoulder Straps Belt Included Adjustable Straps Buckle Type Hi-Vis Reflective Padding Harness Colour Weight Capacity Fastener Material
RS庫存編號 104-0890
Rear Universal - No Belt Chest, Leg Pass Through No No None Blue 100kg Steel
RS庫存編號 104-0881
製造零件編號T. 2 : 1032872
Front, Rear M/L - No Belt Chest, Leg, Shoulder Quick Connect No No None Black, Green 140kg Aluminium
RS庫存編號 123-6153
Front, Rear Universal - No Belt Chest, Leg Pass Through No No Leg, Shoulder Blue, Yellow 140kg Steel
RS庫存編號 136-3765
製造零件編號C72WFA 2
Front, Rear, Sides L - With Belt Chest, Leg, Shoulder Quick Connect No No Leg, Shoulder, Waist Black, Yellow 140kg Aluminium
RS庫存編號 136-3773
製造零件編號C72AFA 1
Front, Rear, Sides M - With Belt Chest, Leg, Shoulder Quick Connect No No Leg, Shoulder, Waist Black, Yellow 140kg Aluminium