Solid State Relay Covers

Solid state relay covers are protective devices used to prevent accidental contact with relay terminals.

What are solid state relays used for?

Solid state relay covers are used in residential and industrial settings to protect solid state relays from the environment. They also prevent people from receiving electric shocks from equipment.

How do solid state relay covers work?

Solid state relay covers are made of tough plastic that protects relays and any inner wiring from both short circuiting and from contact with substances such as water, dust and other substances that could compromise their function. The plastic also ensures against damage from UV (ultraviolet) radiation. Most covers feature access holes for test instrumentation, making it easier to make a few adjustments or test your relay. They're securely attached to the relay, usually with screws, and are easy to install or remove when needed.

Solid state relay covers are often transparent, so visibility of the relays is clear. Some relay covers are made with fine surface finishes and can be specified with flame retardant and antistatic properties.

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RS庫存編號 203-2099
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- 3RF29 Function Module
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- 3RF21/3RF23