Soldering Accessories

Use soldering accessories with your soldering and desoldering tools. Here at RS we have a wide range of soldering accessories to keep your soldering equipment in good working and products to make you work smarter. Our range include leading brands such as Antex, Cooper, Engel, Ersa, Metcal, Multicore, Weller & RS PRO.

What kind of accessories are available?

  • Desoldering Gun Accessories

  • Desoldering Tweezers

  • Solder Flux Dispensers

  • Soldering Iron Accessories

  • Soldering Iron Adapters

  • Soldering Iron Cleaning Accessories

  • Soldering Iron Gas Refills

  • Soldering Station Accessories

What are the benefits?

There are a host of accessories that can make working so much more pleasurable. They promote better soldering techniques, quicker soldering, easy and safe working environment.


Soldering Accessories are used in soldering iron applications such as PCB,SMT & SMD components assembly

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- Soldering Iron Filter Cartridge Filter Cartridge WMD1 & WMD3 Desoldering Irons -