Sanding Drums

Using a sanding drum to shape and deburr (neaten and smooth the edges of) metal, fibreglass and wood. They're ideal for polishing both soft and hard materials and can be used in home improvement, artwork and woodwork. These can be easily used through a drill or miniature power tool.

How to fit and use an abrasive band

Sanding Drums are commonly used on electric rotary tools - a handheld power tool with a rotary tip.

To fit the sanding drum, you slide it over your holder or mandrel (shaft or spindle) that are connected to an electric rotary tool and turn the nut to make it tight. Now you are ready to use it.

Features, benefits and applications of sanding drums

Choose from a variety of sizes and grit materials including:

  • Aluminium oxide - best for rough shaping and smoothing wood and fibreglass.

  • Zirconia aluminium - best for de-burring steels and working stainless steel.

Both types of grit are ideal for removing rust from metal surfaces, for shaping rubber surfaces and are easily replaceable. They're commonly used in nut-carving, with the wood, metal, plastic, circuit board, deburring and in other DIY finishing and working applications.

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