Terminal Covers

Terminal covers are designed for use with batteries, fuses and transformers as a protective measure against sparks, short circuits and corrosion. They protect workers as well as the equipment, preventing damage to both.

How do terminal covers work?

Terminal covers house the transformer or battery in a protective casing. They work by insulating the conductive parts of the circuit so that sparks cannot fly, and providing a barrier against debris in an industrial setting, or corrosion more generally. Corrosion normally occurs when metals are exposed to moisture in air, and it can significantly weaken the material.

Terminal covers also provide a professional, finished look to a circuit, and prevent people from accidentally touching the fuses or other delicate parts of equipment.

Types of terminal cover

Terminal covers vary mainly by size, according to the transformer or device that they need to accommodate. They may also be made from different materials, including glass reinforced nylon and polyester. Glass reinforced nylon is strong and rigid, whereas polyester is flexible and can be transparent, allowing you to see through to the fuses or connections.

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