Embedded Switch Mode Power Supplies (SMPS)

A switch mode power supply is a type of electronic circuit used to convert power. They are also known as switching-mode power supplies or SMPS for short. The typical topology of an SMPS is AC to DC conversion, although users may find other switches that feature an output of DC to DC voltage.

How do SMPS work?

For the power supply to transform its input voltage into an output voltage, the switch will turn on and off with high frequency. The inductors or capacitors within the device will then regulate the power to the device. This continuous switching of the capacitor maintains the voltage at the desired level and provides excellent efficiency.

How do SMPS convert AC to DC?

In the case of AC mains usage, the input voltage will be filtered the same way with a capacitor or inductor to regulate the power and give you the DC output.

Which SMPS is best for a desktop PC?

The power supply unit you use in your PC is important as it ultimately determines what other components you can use within it and the output in performance you get at the end. For high-end gaming PC builds you should aim for an efficiency rating of >80%. The higher the rating, the less electricity it consumes. The less electricity used means easier heat dissipation which keeps the PC cool and performing optimally.

Switching power supply units with higher efficiency and lower levels of heat dissipation are typically compact in nature, making them ideal for projects with limited space.

Where are SMPS used?

  • PC/Laptops

  • Mobile phone chargers

  • Security systems such as CCTV Cameras

  • Machine tool industries

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Description Price Output Voltage Series Output Current Power Rating Input Voltage Number of Outputs Mounting Type Package Type Length Width Depth Ripple And Noise Load Regulation Weight
RS庫存編號 106-5648
13.8 V dc - 2.4A 33W 100 → 230V ac 1 Chassis Mount Enclosed 124mm 122mm 39.5mm - - 400g
RS庫存編號 106-5820
27.6 V dc - 5A 110W 200 → 240V ac 1 Chassis Mount Enclosed 124mm 122mm 49.5mm - - 560g
RS庫存編號 106-5817
13.8 V dc - 4A 55W 200 → 230V ac 1 Chassis Mount Enclosed 124mm 122mm 49.5mm - - 450g
RS庫存編號 106-5821
27.6 V dc - 400mA 11W 100 → 230V ac 1 Chassis Mount Open Frame 124mm 122mm 49.5mm - - 85g
RS庫存編號 106-5819
27.6 V dc - 2.4A 66W 200 → 230V ac 1 Chassis Mount Enclosed 124mm 122mm 49.5mm - - 450g
RS庫存編號 106-5818
27.6 V dc - 1.2A 33W 100 → 230V ac 1 Chassis Mount Enclosed 124mm 122mm 39.5mm - - 450g