Pneumatic Cylinder Sensors

Created and designed to produce linear motion, our pneumatic cylinder sensors are the ideal solution for important industrial processing applications such as clamping and positioning. These devices are also designed to detect the linear position of a piston, predominantly used in applications where position feedback is required.

Magnetic sensors, which are formally known as reed sensors are one of the most common proximity sensors found being used in conjunction with pneumatic cylinders, they detect the magnetic field of a magnet that is integrated within the piston of the cylinder. The sensor is usually mounted on the exterior of the piston body, switching on or off when it is either near the magnet or not.

Many of our pneumatic cylinder sensors feature an LED indicator, choices that are ATEX approved and different sizes and ports to suit your specific application.

Types of Pneumatic Cylinder & Actuators

Browse our range and you will find that we have a huge variety of different types.

  • Some of our sensors are magneto resistive
  • Solid-state
  • Transmitters
  • Magnetic hall
  • Featuring a floating contact
  • Electronic PNP

RS Components offers you the world's most reliable and market-leading brands, allowing you to choose your pneumatic cylinder sensors with ease and trust. Choose from Festo, SMC and of course our trusted own brand RS PRO.

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