Diagnostic Testers & Monitors

Hydraulic testers and monitors for hydraulic systems are in-line sensors that are able to measure values such as flow rate, pressure or temperature of a fluid. Some sensors are also able to measure the quality of fluids such as oil. All of these measurements give a user the necessary information about the fluids used within the system and warn of possible failures that may be caused by the wrong condition of the fluid. Reliable and regular testing and monitoring is highly recommended in order to detect faults and help keep costs to a minimum.

RS Components have a great range of hydraulic instrumentation and equipment including diagnostic tools like these diagnostic testers and monitors for measuring, checking and reporting. fluid or oil based hydraulic systems. By investing in high quality and reliable monitoring and test equipment, they can help reduce disruption and can give accurate reports on the health of your machine. 

Types of sensors

There are several types of sensors available on the market but the most common ones are sensors that monitor and measure oil, water or both at the same time:

  • Oil sensors measure temperature, the pressure of the oil and in addition to that the quality of the oil. They are able to compare the used an unused oil from the same brand. Oil sensors check mechanical wear and loss of lubrication. These sensors are very useful for engineers and can indicate the right time for oil change and machine service check.
  • In-line diagnostic testers/sensors can be mounted as an integral part of existing hydraulic system. They are usually built in a steel body that features a spanner flat for easy installation and is profiled internally to suit the flow cone design requirement. These diagnostic testers monitor the temperature, pressure and flow of the fluid within a system..

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Description Price Manufacturer Series Diagnostic Type Fluid Type Display Type Power Source Battery Type Maximum Operating Pressure Minimum Operating Temperature Maximum Operating Temperature
RS庫存編號 532-9463
OLK - Oil Digital Battery Operated 9 V - - -
RS庫存編號 196-2634
System 20 Flow, Pressure, Temperature Oil, Water Analogue - - 420 bar -10°C +110°C