Water Softening Salts

Water softening salts are used as part of an ion-exchange system to help soften hard water. The resulting soft water helps to reduce scale build-up in pipes and fittings, which can in turn prevent a variety of problems such as blocked pipes or inefficient heating elements.

How does water softening work?

Water softening is the process of replacing calcium and magnesium ions in the hard water with sodium ions in an ion-exchange resin. Once all of the sodium ions from the resin have been exchanged, the resin is recharged by adding water softening salts (typically sodium chloride), which release the captured calcium and magnesium into the sewage system. 

What are water softening salts used for?

Water softening salts are typically used in hard water areas to soften the water. Doing so helps improve various household issues such as scale on sinks, blocked shower heads, and scale deposits on kettles (which makes them slower to boil), heating oil filters and heating elements.

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