Protective Hoods

Protective Hoods or sometimes known as safety hoods is a workwear personal protection equipment (PPE) that usually covers the head in form of an over-hood cover, some types can also cover face, neck & have built-in flanges to cover the shoulders and a visor to protect the face further. Protective hoods are the perfect protection for workers exposed to non/hazardous substances, chemical/oil/liquid splashes, potentially infectious materials, water-based substances, dust and more.

A protective hood may be the single most important safety application gear for medical or lab environments, oil & gas engineers, machine operators, cleaner and typically used across various industries such as general manufacturing, transportation, healthcare, pharmaceutical, utility, DIY and more.

Many hood protector’s RS Components have in the range are durable and reusable with some featuring anti-static material properties. Our range offers a range of protective hood wear and supply industry-leading protection that meets the required safety standards from industry-leading brands such as 3M, Alpha Solway and Tyvek.

Typical features and benefits

  • Stitched internal seams

  • Disposable or reusable

  • Built-in neck flange

  • Anti-static

  • Various sizes including one-size

  • Different resistant levels

  • Various applications

  • Built-in visor usually made from PET

  • Comply to PPE at Work Regulations

What are Protective Hoods also known as?

They are also known as hood safety protection, hood guards, hood wear, hood gear, face guards and head protection.

What are the protective hood material options?

When protecting your head, face, neck or shoulders you should not compromise on quality. We offer the finest quality hood wear for protection against a wide range of hazards. Our hood protection gear is made from various materials to suit your application needs, they include; Polyethylene, Polyurethane, Polypropylene, Nylon.

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Description Price Reusable/Disposable Type Anti-Static Application Material Size Guard Type Quantity Per Package Visor/No Visor Colour Resistant To
RS庫存編號 772-2801
毎包:300 個
Disposable Hood Yes Beauty, Catering, Clean Room, Electronics, Hygiene, Laboratories, Maintenance Polyethylene One Size Head, Neck 300 No White Non-Hazardous Substances
RS庫存編號 714-484
Reusable Hood No Chemical, Food, Gas, Oil Nylon One Size Face, Head, Neck, Shoulders 1 Yes Green Acid, Chemical, Oil
RS庫存編號 123-9910
毎包:10 個
Disposable Hood Yes Chemical, General Purpose, Pharmaceutical Polyethylene One Size Head, Neck 10 No White Water-Based Liquids