Flat Cable Ferrite Cores

Flat cable ferrite cores are made from the ceramic material ferrite and are used to eliminate noise on flat cables, such as flat ribbon cables. Ferrite cores help to prevent electromagnetic and radio frequency interference, which can otherwise cause problems for low-level signals.

Applications for flat cable ferrite cores

Flat cable ferrite cores are easy to attach to cables. You can simply thread the device over your cable and then apply the plug connectors that are usually provided. The ferrite core is held in position with heat-shrink sleeving, a metal clamp or adhesive tape, or you can glue it in place instead.

Flat cable ferrite cores are most commonly used in the cores of radio frequency transformers in applications such as switched-mode power supplies and ferrite antennas for AM radio receivers.

Features and benefits of flat cable ferrite cores

  • High magnetic permeability, which means they can support the formation of an internal magnetic field.
  • Low electrical conductivity, which helps to prevent eddy currents (loops of current induced within conductors by a changing magnetic field).

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RS庫存編號 811-8897
16 Split Core Consumer Electronics Ferrite 37 x 12.7 x 10mm 25.4 x 2.6mm - 2.6mm 25.4mm 12.7mm 10mm 37mm
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- Fixed EMI Suppression Ferrite 39 x 12 x 4mm 35 x 0.8mm - 0.8mm 35mm 12mm 4mm 39mm
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Each (In a Tray of 8)
50 - RFI Suppression PA6.6, 4W620 33.1 x 84.5 x 16mm - Yes - 64.5mm 33.1mm 16mm 84.5mm
RS庫存編號 163-3208
個 (以毎盒:12)
26 - RFI Suppression 4W620 33.1 x 53.3 x 16mm - Yes 28.5mm 34mm 33.1mm 16mm 53.3mm