Capacitor Mounting Clips

Capacitor mounting clips are clips and brackets of varying diameter and size. They also comprise a number of mounting holes to fix the clip in place.

What are capacitor mounting clips used for?

Capacitor mounting clips fix capacitorsin place, for example to a circuit board or another device. Capacitor mounting clips provide stability as the diameter of the clip is matched to the diameter of the capacitor. The clip prevents the capacitor from becoming disconnected as it provides a permanent way of fixing it in place, rather than relying solely on the solderconnecting it to the lead wires.

Types of capacitor mounting clips

Nylon capacitor mounting clips are less abrasive on the insulating sleeve of the capacitor which means these clips are suited to high vibration applications.

Zinc plated steel capacitor mounting clips protect against corrosion improving the lifespan of the assembly.

Push fit capacitor mounting clips allow the capacitor to be changed quickly and easily, whereas full diameter clips can be screwed into place to fit tightly to the capacitor.

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