Isograph Pen Sets

Isograph pen sets contain Isograph pens with different nib sizes and line widths, a refillable ink reservoir, a rapid eraser for pencil and ink lines, a mechanical pencil and pencil-lead refill. Isograph pensare refillable technical pens with replaceable nibs. They're designed for engineers, architects or artworkers to make lines of constant width in technical drawing. Artists also use them when creating detailed illustrations.

Features of Isograph pen sets

Isograph pen sets are ideal for professional technical drawers or illustrators who use technical pens and pencils in their everyday work. The pens can be refilled and their nibs replaced, which makes isograph pen sets longer lasting than some disposable technical pen sets. The set comes in a box that's a convenient storage solution for its contents.

What are Isograph pen sets used for?

The different pen nib sizes within a set allow you to select the correct tool for a particular task. A smaller nib is ideal for working in more detail. Larger nibs are blunter and less likely to scratch the paper. Technical pencils draw lines that can be erased, making them ideal for preliminary drafts.

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RS庫存編號 570-458
Black Black 3 0.25 → 0.5 mm