Address Labels

An address label is a self-adhesive label used to add customer delivery or returns information to a parcel, package or envelope. Address labels ensure postal or courier personnel deliver the goods to the correct recipients address. Standard labels or stickers can also be used to identify or mark-up everyday items or boxes around the home, office, factory or anywhere where information about a product needs to be displayed. Blank sticky labels can be pre-printed using a laser, inkjet or thermal printer or hand written using a pen or marker pen. Labels and address labels are essential items found in almost every stationery cupboard or office. Types of LabelAddress LabelsAddress labels and postage labels can be made with a template on a computer or labelling machine to create personalised labels. A convenient time saving method where large volumes of letters or parcels need to be despatched.Sticky LabelsStandard sticky labels are usually supplied on handy A4 sheets or rolls. The pre-sized labels are often rectangular in shape and are ordered by size in mm and type of material. The labels are simply peeled off of the backing paper and fixed to the object with the pressure sensitive adhesive on the reverse side.Blank adhesive labels are usually white, but can be coloured. Labels also come in a variety of materials too, for example paper, cloth, polyester, and polyamide.Magnetic LabelsMagnetic labels with a dry-wipe surface on the non-magnetic side. These magnetic labels are perfect for creating labels that need to be changed, updated and moved around on a regular basis. Commonly used to identify large ranges of stock levels in warehouses, garages and holding bays.

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Description Price Fixing Type Label Type Colour Printer Type Pack Quantity Length Width
RS庫存編號 447-305
製造零件編號611-10313 SLPLU50 tubing-SI-YE
/個 (每包:440個)
Adhesive - Yellow - 440 11mm 19mm
RS庫存編號 447-311
製造零件編號611-10317 SLPLU75 tubing-SI-YE
/個 (每包:220個)
Adhesive - Yellow - 220 11mm 38mm
RS庫存編號 447-301
製造零件編號611-10310 SLPLU40 tubing-SI-YE
/個 (每包:600個)
Adhesive - Yellow - 600 8mm 20mm
RS庫存編號 447-294
製造零件編號611-10308 SLPLU25 tubing-SI-YE
/個 (每包:700個)
Adhesive - Yellow - 700 9mm 15mm