A stopwatch is a type of timer device designed to measure the amount of time elapsed, from a start point when it is activated to the time when it is deactivated. Timers are used in a wide range of applications from sporting events to experiments and provide a precise time measurement from start to finish.

RS Components offer to customers a wide range of stopwatches both hand held and desk versions.

Types of stopwatches

Two main types of stopwatches are available on the market: Digital and Analogue. The most important difference between them is a time resolution. Analogue Devices provide accuracy of 1/5 s but in the digital version in most of the cases deliver 1/100 s resolution of the time. All digital stopwatches are battery operated, normally powered by coin button batteries, but the source of power in analogue stopwatches comes from a mechanical system. Some of the RS PRO stopwatches are equipped with an illuminated screen, useful in low light situations. Many stopwatches also include an audible alarm that starts once the count down has ended or a set time is reached, providing an enhance notification useful for when the timer is not in operation.

What to look for when buying stopwatch?

The time accuracy can make a massive difference. Often, 1/5 s accuracy is good enough but for higher speed tasks 1/100 s accuracy is necessary. The source of power is also important. Mechanical stopwatches need some user attention for correct operation whilst digital devices are always ready to work. They are usually equipped with an illuminated screen that can be helpful in low light conditions.

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Description Price Type Maximum Time Countdown Timer Alarm Function Battery Type Calendar Water Resistance Case Material Depth Height Maximum Time Hours Maximum Time Minutes Maximum Time Seconds Width
RS庫存編號 811-1818
Pocket 24 h 40 min 1 s - Yes - Yes Water Resistant Plastic - 64mm 24h 40min 1s 64mm
RS庫存編號 891-9889
Pocket 9 h 59 min 59.99 s Yes Yes - Yes Water Resistant - - 75mm 9h 59min 59.99s 70mm
RS庫存編號 811-1814
Pocket 24 h - Yes CR2032 Yes Water Resistant Plastic - 64mm 24h - - 65 (Dia.)mm
RS庫存編號 235-5059
Desk 10 h - - R6 - - Plastic 100mm 45mm 10h - - 120mm