Induction Loop Kits

Induction loop kits reduce or cut out background noise for people who use hearing aids or loop listeners, allowing those who have a hearing impairment to hear better.

How do induction loop kits work?

Induction loop kits include a loop of wire which is installed discreetly around a certain area. The wire is fed with a current from a loop amplifier, which gets its signal from a microphone or from a direct connection to another sound source. As the current travels through the wire, it creates an electromagnetic field corresponding to the sound. This can be picked up by those within the area of the loop who are wearing a hearing aid switched to the 'T' position.

What are the different types of induction loop kits?

Induction loop kits differ depending on where they are being used and the size of the area that needs to be included within the loop. They can be used in large spaces like theatres and concert halls, while counter top versions can be used in restricted areas of communication such as banks or ticket offices.

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Description Price Portable System Maximum Square Room Coverage Frequency Response Distortion Weight Kit Contents Amplifier Height Amplifier Length Amplifier Width Maximum Operating Voltage Minimum Frequency Response Maximum Frequency Response Plug Type
RS庫存編號 522-935
- 7 x 7m 120 Hz → 5 kHz 0.1% 1.3kg AMT Tie/Desk Microphone, Loop in Use Sticker x 2, TX121 Counter Loop 56mm 175mm 136mm 230 V ac 120 Hz 5 kHz Type G