Dichroic & Reflector Halogen Lamps

Dichroic halogen lamps are incandescent lamps with a reflector that reflects visible light while allowing infrared light to pass through, making them cooler than regular lamps.

How do dichroic halogen lamps work?

Dichroic halogen lamps use a filament heated to a high temperature to create light. Halogen lamps are fitted with a tungsten filament, which is sealed into an envelope along with a small amount of inert gas and a halogen such as iodine or bromine. This chemical mixture ensures that the filament burns out slower, making them last longer than other types of lamps.

The dichroic reflector in the light housing adds intensity to the white light while allowing the infrared light to pass through. This works to remove most of the heat from the lamp.

Types of dichroic halogen lamps

Dichroic halogen lamps can have different levels of intensity, colour temperatures, beam angles and sizes. You should choose the lamp according to the type of light you want the lamp to produce.

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Description Price Reflector Type Wattage Voltage Rating Beam Angle Beam Type Lamp Base Diameter Colour Temperature Low Voltage LIF Code ANSI Code Intensity Life Hours EU Energy Efficiency Rating
RS庫存編號 171-2940
製造零件編號H 68066F
MR11 35 W 12 V 20° - GU4 35mm - Yes - FTF - 2000h D
RS庫存編號 171-2934
製造零件編號H 63202F
MR16 20 W 12 V 36° - GU5.3 50mm - Yes - BAB - 2000h D
RS庫存編號 171-2956
製造零件編號H 68062F
MR11 20 W 12 V 30° - GU4 35mm - Yes - FTD - 2000h D
RS庫存編號 171-2928
製造零件編號H 63218F
MR16 50 W 12 V 38° - GU5.3 50mm - Yes - EXN - 2000h C