Fan Filters

What is it?
A fan filter is an accessory that is used with fans and blowers. A typical assembly is made up of four parts, the outer cover or frame, filter pad, mesh screen and finger guard.
What does it do?
A fan filter is primarily designed to remove any dust or small particles from the airflow of the fan. It helps with the free movement of air and also helps protect the fan from any internal damage.
Fans and fan filters are used in every industry where heat is generated and the machinery or components around it must be kept cool. Some of the most common are;
• Electrical control cabinets
• Motors
• Data cabinets
• Laboratories
• CNC and Welding machines
• Office equipment, projectors, laptops,
• Server racks
Fan filters available in various shapes, styles, sizes and materials. The selection of a fan filter depends on the size and type of fan and environment it is to be used. Some of the attributes that must be considered are;
• Frame size
• Frame material
• Filter Type
• Filter material

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