Enclosure Thermostats

Enclosure thermostatsare compact thermostats designed for use in electronic, IT or control cabinets. They work with heating or coolingdevices to ensure a safe operating temperature and safeguard against condensation, humidity and frost.

How do enclosure thermostats work?

Enclosure thermostats are preset with a minimum or maximum temperature. 'Normally open' (NO) thermostats are set with their contacts open, so when the temperature rises above the preset maximum, the contacts close and trigger a cooler. Their dials are coloured blue. 'Normally closed' (NC) thermostats are set with their contacts closed, so when the temperature falls below the minimum preset, the contacts open and trigger a heater. Their dials are coloured red. Both NO and NC thermostats can be set to trigger an alarm. A changeover thermostat can have both minimum and maximum settings, allowing it to control both heating and cooling.

What are the different types of enclosure thermostats?

Enclosure thermostats are designed in a plastic casting with a broad setting range. They're easy to mount in variable fitting positions with DIN rail mounting. Installation is quick by screw terminals and using a din-rail clip feature.

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