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Trace Heating Cable

What is Trace Heating Cable?

Trace heating cables are electric heating elements designed to provide focused and controllable heat used to prevent pipes, outdoor taps and gutters from freezing, or to maintain a desired temperature on pipes to keep liquids moving. Trace heating cables are constructed from thermoplastic layers containing a self-regulating heating element and two adjacent bus wires.

How does Trace heating work?

Trace heating cables are created by placing a semi conductive self-regulating heating matrix around two bus wires, one live and one neutral. When power is connected to these bus wires the matrix receives either voltage, causing it to heat up.

How are they used?

Trace heating is easy to install on pipework, tanks or vessels using cable ties, aluminium or glass fibre tape or a suitable adhesive prior to covering with insulation. The cable can be cut to any length allowing them to be manipulated to suit any application. All trace heating applications should be temperature controlled using a suitable thermostat.