Bolted Tag Fuses

Bolted tag fuses are a cylindrical type of fuse fitted with brackets at either end to bolt it onto a fuse holder. Fuses are devices designed for use in circuit protection. They provide a weak link, meaning that they break when a fault such as an overcurrent or short circuit is detected, as the metal strip within them heats up and then melts. This stops the flow of current, preventing the circuit from further damage.

What are bolted tag fuses used for?

Bolted tag fuses can be used in many general industrial applications, such as in different types of electrical equipment and wiring systems used throughout buildings. They are often used in low voltage circuits. They also work well in high-density mounting applications.

Types of bolted tag fuses

Bolted tag fuses mainly vary by their size and current rating, and these factors can differ quite widely. They can also differ by the fuse speed, voltage rating and their tag orientation.

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32 A A1 415 V BS 88 44.5mm GG 11.2mm - Yes 56mm 13.5mm 35.5mm - -