PCB Mounts

PCB mounts, or fuse holders, provide the installation hardware for a fuse. They are used in circuits to contain, protect and mount fuses. They are usually designed so that the wrong fuse cannot be placed in the mount, with a tab preventing accidental misuse. 

Types of PCB mounts

PCB mounts come in two basic types, open or fully enclosed. Open PCB mounts include fuse clips, fuse blocks, socket and plug-on cap varieties. The fully enclosed variety may use a fuse carrier that is inserted into a holder or may use other means to fully enclose the fuse.

Both open and enclosed PCB mounts are available with a range of terminal styles including quick disconnect, solder and angled versions. 

Why are PCB mounts important?

Fuses need to be protected because they themselves protect circuits from over current conditions. For example, if a circuit receives too high a level of current, the fuse will burn out, breaking the circuit. With a PCB mount, your fuse is protected and you can easily change it if required.

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Description Price Fuse Type Fuse Size Current Rating Voltage Rating Cap Style Body Material Contact Material Compatible Fuse Diameter Compatible Fuse Length Series Standards Met Terminal Type
RS庫存編號 167-6068
/個 (每包:10個)
Automotive 5.2 x 0.64mm 15A 500V ac - Glass Filled Nylon Tin Plated Brass - - - - -
RS庫存編號 160-3385
/個 (每包:100個)
Automotive 5.2 x 0.64mm 30A 500V ac - Glass Filled Nylon Tin Plated Brass - - - - -
RS庫存編號 249-2877
/個 (每包:10個)
Cartridge 5 x 20mm 6.3A 250V ac - - Tin Plated Brass 5mm 20mm - - -