Push-On Fastener Kits

Push on fastener kits contain combinations of differently sized fasteners that can be placed onto shafts to provide instant grip. These fasteners are used to permanently assemble components onto smooth shafts without having to thread, drill or groove the parts into the shafts.

They have radial fingers (teeth) that connect with the shafts at 90-degrees. The teeth slide up and down in both directions on the shaft which means there is dual resistance of motion.

The push on fastenersin these kits are made from enamelled steel or thermoplastics depending on the load requirements of the equipment used.

What are push on fastener kits used for?

Industries that make products using axles and shafts such as automotive, medical and consumer goods make use of push on fasteners.

These fasteners are also found in assembly environments like toy manufacturing or furniture construction.

Types of push on fastener kits

Push on fastener kits include different sizes of open or capped fasteners:

  • Open fasteners are coated with anti-corrosion substrates and mainly used in industrial applications.
  • Closed fasteners are fitted with caps to conceal the fixings and enhance the appearance of objects for consumer product applications.

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RS庫存編號 525-161
整套:1 個
Open 1250 Enamelled Steel
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Capped 721 Enamelled Steel