Slotted Channels

Slotted channels, or struts, are brackets that are specifically designed to support systems for mechanical, electrical and plumbing installations. They can be attached to existing steel work or concrete inserts, or directly to walls, ceilings and floors. Unlike plain channels, which are smooth, slotted channels have holes machined into them to make them easy to attach to surfaces or other struts.

Applications for slotted channels

Slotted channels are used in the construction and electrical industries for light structural support, often to support wiring, plumbing or other components such as air conditioning or ventilation systems.

Features and benefits of slotted channels

The main advantage of slotted channels is that they offer many options for rapidly and easily connecting lengths together and other items to the slotted channel, by using various strut-specific fasteners and bolts, such as U- or Z-shaped fittings.Slotted channels are also commonly made from galvanised or stainless steel, which makes them durable and strong. They come in a range of lengths and sizes depending on the application they are needed for.

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Description Price Channel Type Channel Size Material Length
RS庫存編號 175-980
製造零件編號P 3300T X 2M
/個 (每包:2個)
Slotted 41 x 21mm Steel 2m
RS庫存編號 175-974
製造零件編號P 1000 T X 2M
/個 (每包:2個)
Slotted 41 x 41mm Steel 2m
RS庫存編號 767-573
製造零件編號P 1000TSS X2M
/個 (每包:2個)
Single 41 x 41mm Stainless Steel 2m