PCB Eurocard Support Tracks

PCB Eurocard support tracks are suitable for use with Eurocard sub-rack systems. They are made from PVC and allow printed circuit boards to be quickly and easily installed and removed without the use of sophisticated equipment.

How do PCB Eurocard support tracks work?

Single PCB Eurocard support tracks are easily fastened to chassis, panels, boards, through centre slots and mounting plates. The PCBs slide along specially tensioned grooving in the plastic extrusion to be held firmly in position. They are easily attached and no other fixing of the PCB is necessary.

What are PCB Eurocard support tracks made of?

PCB support tracks are made from rigid PVC or PBT. They are typically grey coloured and come in lengths of 160mm or more. Support tracks are designed in a range of dimensions to suit the size of the PCB you're working with. Most PCB Eurocard support holders are supplied with nickel-plated holding sheets, cylinder screws, or nickel-plated cylinder screws

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Description Price Length Width Material
RS庫存編號 291-8385
150mm 106mm PBT
RS庫存編號 436-112
製造零件編號PCTE100 04ST
/個 (每包:5個)
160mm 100mm PVC