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ESD-Safe & Clean Room Gloves

Safely handle electrostatic discharge (ESD) sensitive components, such as PCBs (printed circuit boards) or backplanes and motherboards with ESD safe gloves.

Why and when to use ESD safe gloves?

ESD safe gloves are ideal for all electronic assembly work where skin contact may cause problems, such as when handling micro-electronics, PC and laptop repair or assembly, and packing areas where ESD may be a problem.

An ESD sensitive device can experience a damaging discharge if touched, even if you're properly grounded. Increasing the electrical path's contact resistance is one way to control the speed of the discharge. An excellent way to accomplish this is by wearing anti-static, ESD safe gloves.

Features and benefits of ESD safe gloves

Features and benefits of ESD safe gloves may include:

  • Usually made from static dissipative polyester
  • Non-slip super grip surface on fingers and palm
  • Comfortable to wear
  • Prevents oils on your hands and fingers from corroding your electronic components.

You also opt to use a latex finger cot – they slip on one finger and free the use of your hand while offering protection for the product from your finger.